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BDXL - Blu-ray - Optical Media | Verbatim

Standard Blu-ray discs come with storage capacities of 25GB for a single-layer disc and 50GB for a dual-layer disc,but Verbatim’s new BD-R XL/TL discs includes a third storage layer to give it a storage capacity of 100GB.

Type of Blu-ray Disc: What's the BD-5, BD-9, BD-25, BD-50, BD ...

A BD-XL TL disc can hold up to 100 GB of data and a BD-XL QL disc maxes out at 128 GB. So far, we still don't know what the BD-5 and BD-9 is. Because BD-5 and BD-9 is the type of Blu-ray on DVD. The BD-9 format was proposed to the Blu-ray Disc Association by Warner Home Video as a cost-effective alternative to the 25/50 GB BD-ROM discs. The BD-9 was supposed to use the same codecs and program structure as Blu-ray Disc video, but recorded onto less expensive 8.5 GB dual-layer DVD.

What is BD-R, BD-RE, BD-XL and Ultra HD Blu-ray?

BD-XL DS (double-sided) TL is another specification that has been approved by the Blu-ray Disc Association, which will support up to 200 GB, but it will only be cost-effective for commercial uses like data centers, cloud computing, etc.

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These single-layer discs, once recorded, cannot be erased as the discs are one-time write. BD-R discs have a 25GB capacity. BD-R DL If you need more space, consider BD-R DL, with up to 50GB of storage on a single disc. BDXL (or BD-R TL) With up 100GB capacities, you may also see these discs referred to as BD-R TL - the two types are identical.

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TL-2(Less than 500 AADT) TL-2(Less than 1500 AADT) TL-2(Greater than 1500 AADT) TL-4 TL-5 and Controlled Access Interstate Controlled Access Non-Interstate 1. Thrie Beam (BD-RL1E) 2. Double Box Beam-Rail Curbless (BD-RL3E) 3. Steel Three-Rail Curbless (BD-RS1E) 4. Steel Four-Rail (BD-RS2E) 5. Steel Five-Rail Curbless (BD-RS3E) 6. Steel Two-Rail ...

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BD-R LTH (low to high) media is created using a Verbatim-exclusive, super-efficient manufacturing process that allows us to pass along a cost savings to you. This manufacturing process uses an organic dye that turns a disc’s reflectivity during recording from “low to high;” this is opposite of the “high to low” method used in standard ...

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BD-R LTH is a write-once Blu-ray Disc format that features an organic dye recording layer. "Low To High" refers to the reflectivity changing from low to high during the burning process, which is the opposite of normal Blu-rays, whose reflectivity changes from high to low during writing.